Uganda: Arsenal fan killed over match against Man Utd


A man from Sheema district in Uganda is currently evading the authorities after allegedly stabbing a coworker during a dispute that erupted following the Arsenal vs. Manchester United football match on Sunday.

Law enforcement has verified these events and confirmed that the individual responsible, Vincent Beinomugisha, who supports Manchester United, used a sharp object to attack Jackson Aineruhanga, a fan of Arsenal, according to Dailly Monitor.

This incident unfolded at approximately 10:40 pm in Rwanyinakahire cell, Rwamujo ward, located within Sheema central division in Sheema Municipality, as detailed by Senior Superintendent of Police Martial Tumusiime.

According to Tumusiime, “On September 3, 2023, in the evening, the suspect and the victim had a disagreement while watching a football game between Arsenal and Manchester United at a video hall. Following the match, they were asked to leave a bar owned by Coleb Akanyijuka due to their argument.”

“Subsequently, the suspect pursued the victim and used a sharp object to stab him in the chest, resulting in the victim’s immediate demise,” Tumusiime continued.

Garnacho’s disallowed goal is believed to be the spark of the arguments between the two fans

The body of the deceased was transported to Kabwohe Health Centre IV, while investigations into the case are ongoing.

It’s worth noting that Arsenal emerged victorious in the match with a score of 3-1, eliciting varied reactions and emotions among fans. In Jinja, Arsenal supporters held celebratory processions on Monday to mark their team’s triumph over their long-standing rivals.