President Kagame was presented with the Order of Excellence, the highest honour in the Bahamas


On July 9, President Paul Kagame was honoured with the Order of Excellence, the highest distinction in the Bahamas, as a tribute to his strong bond with the Bahamian government and people.

The award ceremony took place in the presence of Governor General Cornelius Smith, Prime Minister Philip Davis, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell of Grenada, Prime Minister Ariel Henry of Haiti, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland, and numerous other distinguished guests, according to the New Times report.

The occasion marked the 50th Anniversary of the Bahamas’ independence, and President Kagame extended his congratulations to the Bahamian people for their remarkable achievements over the past five decades.

He commended them for becoming a bastion of stability and prosperity in the region and serving as an inspiration for small island developing states worldwide.

“It is no accident that the post-independence period saw the Bahamas grow into a major financial centre and one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. The Bahamas have much to be proud of including the good stewardship and leadership that has sustained this progress over the years.” He remarked.

President Kagame reiterated Rwanda’s dedication to strengthening the bond between the citizens of Rwanda and the Bahamas, as well as fostering closer ties between Africa and the Caribbean as a whole. He emphasized the shared history between these regions, highlighting that despite the geographical distance, there are commonalities that can be drawn upon to deepen their connection.

“Those bonds are a solid foundation upon which to build stronger and deeper cooperation as we work together to address the challenges facing countries like ours.”