Midland Motel issues an apology after disrupting the Green Party’s meeting


Midland Motel has issued an apology to the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, led by MP Dr Frank Habineza, for the disruptions and unsatisfactory treatment experienced by the party members during their planned Youth General Assembly event at the motel in Kayonza District on June 17, 2023.

 Despite having made an advance payment for the venue, they were informed upon arrival that they could not host the event.

Although the District administration intervened to reconcile the situation and allow the meeting to proceed, the Green Party members were still dissatisfied with the services provided. Dr Frank Habineza, the President of the Green Party, expressed concern over the unclear payment process and the district’s authorization for holding meetings at the motel while receiving subpar service. He called for appropriate measures to be taken against the motel in response to the incident.

In response to the incident, the director of Midland Motel Kayonza, Kibukaire Espérance, in an interview with IGIHE offered a sincere apology for the poor treatment experienced by the Green Party members during their stay.

She acknowledged that the motel usually treats its visitors well, but this particular situation was an exception, and she expressed regret for the inconvenience caused.

“We ask forgiveness from Dr Frank. This is not how things are always. The person who requested the pro forma invoice texted us on WhatsApp, saying that the client would be a company called DGPR. We gave it to them, and in the evening they gave us a down payment of 300,000 Rwf. We didn’t know that it was a political party we were going to host.” She told IGIHE.

Kibukaire continued saying that in the morning they were surprised to find that the party’s symbols had been raised. This brought confusion because we expected a company, not a political party which led to negotiations that lasted for an hour which left them unhappy about the delay.

“That’s where bad service became significant, those who attended the meeting were not happy about the delay because it was delayed for an hour, but we managed to sort out everything and we apologize and promise that we will provide them with better service next time.”

Frank Habineza ( Second from right) with Rwanda Green Party members