Ghana: Parliament has approved the NACOC Bill, which permits the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and medicinal uses

A selective focus shot of cannabis on a white background

Ghana’s parliament has successfully passed the Narcotics Control Commission Bill of 2023, granting the Ministry of Interior the authority to issue licenses for cannabis cultivation. This development opens up opportunities for various beneficial applications of the versatile plant.

The passing of this legislation is a significant achievement, particularly after the Supreme Court’s involvement in declaring section 43 of the previous law unconstitutional.

This section previously allowed the Minister, based on the Commission’s recommendation, to grant licenses for cannabis cultivation, known as “wee” in Ghana. However, this provision has been removed due to its unconstitutional nature.

According to Africa News on July 12, 2023, Parliament discussed the Narcotics Control Commission (Amendment) Bill of 2023, which includes a single clause that, once approved, will authorize the Minister to grant licenses for cannabis cultivation across the country.

This law marks a crucial step for Ghana in harnessing the potential benefits of cannabis cultivation. By permitting controlled cultivation with limited THC content, the government aims to explore the plant’s industrial potential in fiber and seed production. Additionally, the regulated exploration and utilization of cannabis’s medicinal properties become feasible.

This legislative milestone is expected to pave the way for the establishment of a well-regulated cannabis industry in Ghana, ensuring adherence to strict guidelines and quality standards for cultivation and usage.