Election watch; France 2022


Emmanuel Macron was more convincing than Le Pen in their first presidential debate.

The snap survey by Elabe for BFM TV found that 59% of polled viewers found Macron more convincing than Le Pen. In 2017, the same polling firm found that 63% of those surveyed found Macron more convincing.

On Wednesday there was a presidential debate between French presidential candidates during which they discussed matter’s like Le Pen’s ban of Hijab in public, climate change, Russia and the European Union

Macron’s biggest attack was about Marie’s past admiration of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and a loan for her 2017 campaign contracted through a Russian bank although Le Pen rejected that accusation from Emmanuel Macron

In the same debate Le Pen pledged to give money back to millions of French made poorer during Macron’s 5 year presidency.