Rwandan citizen facing 90 charges in a Kenyan court for a road accident that killed 53


According to Standard Media Kenya, the driver of a trailer involved in a tragic accident that led to the death of 53 people has been charged with reckless driving. The driver, a Rwandan citizen named Gilbert Ntuyemungu, was denied bail by Molo Chief Magistrate Hellena Nderitu after the incident occurred at Londiani junction in Kericho County, which also left 25 others injured.

The magistrate’s decision to deny bail was based on the belief that Ntuyemungu could be a flight risk, as there was no evidence suggesting he had a fixed residence in Kenya, making him more likely to abscond court proceedings. Furthermore, the absence of a repatriation treaty between Kenya and Rwanda was deemed to add risk to granting bail. The seriousness of the charges, involving the death of 53 people and injuries to 25 others, also played a role in the decision.

During his time in remand at Nakuru GK Prison, Ntuyemungu will be provided with witness statements, exhibits, the charge sheet, and other documentary evidence to help in his defence against over 90 charges, including causing death by dangerous driving, causing injuries, and causing damage to 10 motor vehicles on July 3, along Nakuru-Kericho Highway.

The 52-year-old Rwandese maintained his innocence, claiming that the incident was not a result of reckless driving but rather an accident caused by the truck’s brake failure. He asserted that he had no intention to harm the victims, whom he considered strangers to him.

However, the investigating officer, Florence Auma, stated in her affidavit that Ntuyemungu was facing charges of mass killing due to careless driving and other serious offences.

 She highlighted the severe potential punishment if he were found guilty and expressed concerns about the possibility of him attempting to flee the country.