Rwanda needs $415 million to recover from the extensive damage and economic losses caused by floods


Rwanda is seeking $415 million to recover from the extensive damage and economic losses caused by recent floods and landslides, according to a government assessment. 

According to the New Times, the assessment found that Rwf388 billion is needed to rebuild infrastructure, Rwf107 billion for social services, and Rwf14.5 billion for agriculture and industry.

An additional Rwf8 billion is required for disaster management, gender equality and social protection programs.  

The transport sector suffered the most significant impact, accounting for 60% of the total damages and losses. The housing sector accounted for 12% of losses, followed by water resources management and the health sector.  

The direct impact of the floods is projected to reduce production by $31 million, lowering GDP growth by 0.17 percentage points.

The indirect effects could further reduce GDP growth by an additional 0.23 points.  

Combined, the losses and damages could lower Rwanda’s projected 2023 GDP growth from 6.2% to 5.8%, representing a significant setback after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heavy rains on May 2-3 triggered floods and landslides, causing widespread damage in western, northern and southern Rwanda. Over 130 people tragically lost their lives and more than 20,000 people were left homeless as infrastructure and crops were severely destroyed.  

Minister of State Richard Tusabe said, “International collaboration is needed to mitigate the severity of climate change-related disasters”.

The government is seeking funds to rebuild critical infrastructure, restore economic activity and provide relief for those impacted.