The return of Rwanda Tourism week.


Rwanda Chamber of Tourism (RCOT) announced that the 2022 edition of the Rwanda Tourism Week will take place from November 26th to December 3rd 2022.

RTW2022 main event activities will be hosted at Kigali Conference and Exhibition

Village (KCEV) and Kigali Convention Center (KCC), under the theme: Adopting

Innovative Approaches to Boost Intra-Africa Travel as a drive for Tourism

Business Recovery.

Focusing on Tourism business recovery from Covid-19 Pandemic challenges,

RTW2022 will bring leading African business leaders to share insights on different

strategies in which tourism and travel can boost the local economy and encourage

inclusivity and sustainability, quality, innovation and reconnect tour operators, travel

stakeholders within the African continent and beyond. This event will attract overall

2000 local and international delegates.

This year, Rwanda Tourism week kicks off with a Photo Competition from the 15th to

the 27th of November; the competition is dubbed ;Rwanda in a Traveler’s Lens. It is one

of the activities created to enable photo competitors and storytellers to demonstrate

their ability to showcase Rwanda’s diverse tourism attractions and destination through


Furthermore, a ‘Golf for Conservation event’ on November 27th will connect the region’s

elite businesses with the Business stakeholders and is scheduled to take place at the

Kigali Golf Club to link sports tourism and Conservation.

Restaurant Week, from November 25th to December 3rd, is a promotional culinary event

where the public will have an opportunity to indulge their taste buds in a variety of

cuisines at their favourite restaurant at promotional rates.

Like the previous RTW edition, an exhibition will take place from 1st to 3rd December and

is expected to attract more than 200 local and continental tourism and hospitality

operators and more than 1000 attendees. It will be held at Kigali Conference and

Exhibition Village (KCEV). This three-day event features many activities, including

traditional games and entertainment.

A two-day Africa Tourism Business Forum will be held at Kigali Serena from 1st to 2nd

December. It will attract high-level delegates from across the continent who will cover a

range of enriching topics, including the current trends and events affecting investment

on the continent.

A Gala dinner and Tourism excellence awards will close on December 3rd ; this will be

the opportunity to celebrate, engage and recognize different key stakeholders and

Business operators of the Tourism Industry for their outstanding service delivery.

Thereafter, International Hosted Buyers will be taken on a Familiarization Trip from

November 27th to 30th to experience different tourist attractions of Rwanda for

packaging the destination.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr. Frank Gisha Mugisha, Director General of the

Rwanda Chamber of Tourism, noted, “The Rwanda Tourism Week is seen as one of the

strategies to boost the recovery of our industry, enable our stakeholders to showcase

their products, and foster partnerships that create more business opportunities today.

According to Rwanda Development Board, Tourism is the largest source of foreign

exchange earnings in Rwanda and is growing rapidly. In 2019, revenues generated

from the sector were USD 498 million.”