MTN Rwanda partners with IHS Rwanda and RTB in a School Digitalization initiative across the country


MTN Rwandacell PLC (MTN Rwanda), through MTN Foundation, partners with IHS Rwanda
and the Rwanda Technical and Vocational Education and Training Board (RTB) to digitalize
schools through computer donations and installation of internet connectivity across various
TVET schools.
MTN Foundation, a vehicle through which MTN Rwanda implements its Corporate Social
Programs, commenced this school digitalization initiative in 2021, where a hundred million
Rwandan Francs (Rwf 100,000,000) was provided to the Ministry of Education through its
established institution Rwanda TVET Board to facilitate the infrastructure of computer labs in
TVET schools across Rwanda.
This year, with the support of IHS Rwanda and RTB, a total of two hundred (200) computers
will be donated to TVET schools coupled with the provision of one-year free internet
Speaking on this digital initiative, Zulfat Mukarubega, MTN Foundation Chairperson of the
Board, said “We are grateful for the support of IHS Rwanda and RTB in digitalizing TVET
schools across the country. MTN Foundation is of the firm belief that technology is no longer
a luxury but a necessity. It is therefore important that students have access to computers
and internet connectivity to help them advance in their studies and participate in this modern
connected life.”
MTN Rwanda, IHS Rwanda and RTB have entered into a year-long agreement where MTN,
through its Foundation, and IHS Rwanda will provide computers, MTN will provide internet
connectivity for one (1) year and RTB will promote the use of information and communication
technology (ICT) within TVET schools from level one to five across the nation, among other
Paul Umukunzi, RTB Director General commented on the partnership stating “MTN and IHS
contribution in skills development through ICT is valuable and opens the doors of digital
World to the youth in TVET. This is the second time MTN is providing laptops to RTB, which
indicates their high level of commitment in promoting digitalisation within the Rwandan TVET
sector. Their support in providing internet connectivity to some schools is worth

Digitalization in education has significant potential to increase equality of access to, and use
of education materials, consequently, MTN Rwanda continues to play an active role in
supporting the country’s priorities in bridging the digital divide.