Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have agreed to add ChatGPT to Mercedes-Benz cars


According to CNN, Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have decided to include ChatGPT in Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States. Microsoft’s “generative artificial intelligence” program called ChatGPT can converse in a remarkably human manner.

The word “Hey, Mercedes,” followed by a brief command, can already be used by drivers in Mercedes automobiles to perform tasks like finding a route on the navigation system or making a phone call. According to Microsoft, ChatGPT would make these speech instructions more fluid and natural and potentially open up new functionality.

The machine might converse more naturally, rather than only responding to straightforward directives. The system will have the capacity to retain the context of conversations and have back-and-forth conversations with the driver or other passengers of the vehicle.

The system will be able to react to a larger range of inquiries thanks to ChatGPT, including those that might not be about the vehicle or the driver.

According to Microsoft (MSFT), the ChatGPT system can also communicate with other programs to accomplish tasks like booking reservations at restaurants or buying movie tickets.

ChatGPT has been used to do things like research essays,  and, sometimes provides helpful responses

Beginning on June 16, American Mercedes owners who have the MBUX “infotainment” system will be able to beta test the ChatGPT system by saying “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.”

ChatGPT has been employed online to perform tasks including conducting research, writing essays, selecting stocks, and, on occasion, responding ineffectively to those who are experiencing a crisis.