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The police had a search warrent for my roommates place for possession of cocaine. The consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty by the court or a jury depend on the laws in your state and the circumstances of the crime. The investigator took my phone and copied the hard drive of all my msgs deleted and current. We suggest you speak with a local criminal defense lawyer. However, if you have not been charged with a crime, then any illegal search argument is somewhat irrelevant. Nick August 9, 5:26 pm count( 241 ) How far back do phone records go.

I told him I didnt do it and no one conformed me about running a red light. info is an educational website for teens about the law. Youre on the right track. You can Google Georgia disorderly conduct law for information. If they do press charges, what are the consequences? ) He went through my cellphone, and tried to figure out an angle to press ualmisconduct charges on me from reading the texts I sent concerning an honors level summer reading assignment. i feel that i have messed up big time and now know the se of messing with drugs and, for that, now i am done with marijuana forever i want to start a new The Free Mobile Phone Spy Software Reviews chapter for my life.

Maybe I got lucky. AsktheJudge. Let them know you want it back and theyll notify you when its no longer needed in the case.

Now if I go on probation which is most certaintly gunna happen can he make it soo I cant have any contact with her? Amanda January 21, 11:00 am count( 314 ) I was at a stop light the other day and texted a friend back, while the light was still red.

Can you get in trouble for failing a drug test? They are authorized to keep any and all evidence of a crime until the case has ended. One of my friends got caught and said my name. Consequently, we dont provide legal advice to adults or teens. In this case, the person charged with the rape may have the messages saved, and can turn them over to his lawyer to be used in his defense.

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It seems, so far, a law that applies to all drivers hasnt been signed by the governor yet. Schools and legislatures are developing rules about these searches. Your state legislature has been considering several bills introduced during the past year about texting while driving.

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Depending on the offense committed and whether the person charged is indigent (cant afford to hire an attorney), the court will decide if a public defender Top 7 Best Android Phone Tracker App will be appointed. anthony January 24, 4:40 am count( 312 ) my girlfriend got caught with cocaine which she ask me to buy the cops told her they will trace her phone and read all her text messages this is in new york can the cops do this? But even if they did, Will i be in trouble for making the spreadsheet for him?

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Well, in last time, I was playing with his cellphone number, I called him from other number and changed my voice in man ( I can change my voice easy). It was in the closed locked glove compartment in the car they searched first before having me sign a consent form what can I do about this matter? Tammy October 25, 6:51 pm count( 108 ) My cell phone was taken by Post Community Release officer.